The team


Wedding Planner
Anika has been by my side since the beginning. She also guides couples on their way to the altar. We enjoy the great advantage of complementing each other at large weddings when different locations and time overlaps require our presence. It's wonderful to exchange ideas with her and to implement the ideas and visions together. I am infinitely grateful that she is with me.


Master of Ceremonies, Decorator & Support
We were Jini's prize - and I mean that literally - she won us over, and a year later, we won her over too! She accompanies couples on their wedding day, prepares everything, or decorates the venue. A remarkable woman for every (even the most difficult) situation.


Wedding Planner in "Baby Shoes"
I am a wedding planner just starting out. First, I was a maid of honor at the wedding of a very close friend. There I met Dani and her team, and now I am part of the team myself, able to express and realize my creativity and talent for organizing. I am proud to be part of this fantastic team.


Office & Floral Artist
Maria not only supports us partially in the office but rather loves her flowers much more, as well as crafting, designing, and creative work. Please never disturb her while she's at it.…😊


Decorator & Flower Fairy
Flowers, candles, festively set tables - the wedding couple shines. Everything is perfectly arranged. Contributing to this makes me very happy. And working in this young, cheerful team is a real fountain of youth for me.


"LOVE IS A CELEBRATION, IT DOESN'T JUST NEED TO BE PREPARED, BUT CELEBRATED" (PLATO). So lean back, let us enchant you, and enjoy your SPECIAL day together with us.


When she smiles, you just can't help but feel good. Petra accompanies us with decorations and turns a table into a feast.


Our Lena is a blessing for everyone who gets to experience her. She pitches in, decorates, lends a hand, and the glass is always half full. A person of the heart...


Decorator, Wedding Assistance on Maternity Leave
Marie is never stressed. She remains calm and keeps everything in perspective. She accompanies you throughout the day or simply decorates the table for you. A woman for all occasions. Currently, she is on maternity leave.


Our Solvejg is sometimes called "MacGyver," and with that, everything is said...😊


Decorator & Office
In the summer of 2023, I was warmly welcomed into this team, with a heartwarming and familial atmosphere. It's precisely this environment that turns the most stressful moments into a sense of unity, akin to that of a family, and every bridal couple becomes a part of it! "Where there is love, the impossible becomes possible." - Buddha


I am delighted from the bottom of my heart to collaborate with you in creating your special moment!


Mila has been with us since October 2023 and is involved in everything!


Our Men - Our Muscle for All Occasions
What would we do without our men... Whether as chauffeurs or setup helpers, as our right or left hand, or simply as moral support.


Powerful Support
Setup helpers, right or left hands - always there to support us!

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